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Perfect Crime (We All Hurt Inside)

(2,63 MB)

Single "Perfect Crime (We All Hurt Inside)" (1989)
Shrine Of 8 18.08.2003
UK-series #2: I bought this single some years ago in London 'cos it had a nice cover and was priced 10 pence (!) only. Back in Germany I heard the a-side and recognized knowing this song for ages. It was Crazy House's "Burning Rain" from 1987. Who the hell would cover such a non-hit? Yeah, it was the Crazy House leader David Luckhurst himself. But so no success happened to this brilliant track twice.

Lonely Boy

(3,05 MB)

B-Side of Single "Hold Me" (1986)
The Lonely Boys 30.07.2003
Most wanted by Cory. You find more information on The Lonely Boys here.

This Is Love

(3,31 MB)

Single "This Is Love" (1985)
Bang Bang 13.07.2003
This one's most wanted by Paul. I heard this song once on the radio back in May of 1985 and it went to #3 in my Single-charts. The leader of the band was probably Julian Raymond 'cos he wrote words and music for this track. There may exist an album titled "Life Part II" but I haven't got it.

King Chicago (New Vers.)

(4,24 MB)

Maxi-CD "Honey Be Good" (1989)
The Bible 06.07.2003
This track starts a UK-series of songs and is my most favourite one from The Bible. It's available (only?) on the 5"-CD-Single of "Honey Be Good".
The Bible were Boo Hewerdine (lead vox, gtrs) of former punk-band The Great Divide, Tom Shepherd (keys), Neill MacColl (gtrs, mandolin) & David Larcombe (drums). Founded in 1985 they released a lot of brilliant melancholic singles & albums. After their breakup at the end of the 80s Boo Hewerdine started his solo career (and collaborations with Eddi Reader & Darden Smith) and wrote songs for Scarlet, Naimee Coleman & Melanie C to name but a few. The rest of the band formed Liberty Horses.
But here's a discography of The Bible:
Mahalia (Single, 1986)
Graceland (Single, 1986)
Walking The Ghost Back Home (Album, 1986)
Crystal Palace (Single, 1988)
Eureka (Album, 1988)
Honey Be Good (Single, 1988)
Graceland (New Vers.) (Single, 1989)
Random Acts Of Kindness (Album, 1989)
Honey Be Good (Re-Release) (Single, 1989)
The Bible (Collection) (Album, 1989)
Dreamlife EP (Single, 1994)
Dodo (Album, 1994/1999)

Will You Be There?

(3,19 MB)

CD "Meanwhile" (1989)
Celebrate The Nun 30.06.2003
Celebrate The Nun were H.P. Baxter (vox), Rick J. Jordan (keys, progrs), Britt Maxime (keys, vox) & Slin Tompson (perc, keys). H.P. & Rick J. later founded Scooter and gained much success (and do this until today - last year was one of their best with "Nessaja" at #1 of the German single charts and "Ramp! The Logical Song" at #2 in the U.K.). But back to Celebrate The Nun and their discography:
Ordinary Town (Single, 1989)
Meanwhile (Album, 1989)
Will You Be There (Single, 1989)
She's A Secretary (Single - for US market only, 1990)
Patience (Single, 1991)
Continuous (Album, 1991)
You Make Me Wonder (Single, 1991)

Another Man

(2,91 MB)

Maxi-Single "Another Man"  (1985)
Init 16.06.2003
Init are probably a Belgian band from Bruxel. This Euro mid 80's dance single was their only release I'd got notice from. It was only #17 in my Single-Charts.

Rainy Day In London

(3,95 MB)

Single "Rainy Day In London"  (1984)
Boulevard 01.06.2003
This one's for music riddle winner Holger: The Canadian (?) band released this single in mid 1984 and the sales brought this single to #55 in the German single charts. It remained in the charts for only four weeks. The followup single "Far From Over" failed and five years later two - more rocking - singles were issued: "Dream On" and "Never Give Up". 

Screams And Whispers

(3,04 MB)

CD from Cory No Picture available
Eskimos & Egypt 18.05.2003
I don't know much about this band. They were from the UK and originally sounded like the dark wave band BFG. Unfortunately Eskimos & Egypt were later inspired by UK's rave scene and lost their spirit. For this special song I'd searched over 15 years not knowing from which band the song was performed. Please see more for the odyssey on the "News"-site (28.02.2003).
Finally thanks to Cory for sharing a good recording of this track.

Too Young

(2,57 MB)

LP "No Sense Of Sin" (1984)
The Lotus Eaters 04.05.2003
This one is for Paul for helping me in solving the track "Screams And Whispers" by Eskimos & Egypt (playing next week).
I suppose this is the rarest track of The Lotus Eaters (Jeremy Kelly & Peter Coyle). It's only on the original release of the LP and was later replaced by their second single "You Don't Need Someone New". You neither can find it on the "Bridge"- nor the "Vinyl Japan"-CD re-release of "No Sense Of Sin".
The LP was one of my most favourite records of all time. For me there's a little story behind it. Since 1997 I only knew "German Girl" 'cos this track was released in Germany on a "Debüt"-sampler (the pendant to "Debut" in the UK). While I was visting London I saw the record in a second-hand shop for 1 Pound and thought it would be a good idea to buy this record. But the price was made by a bad handwriting and the real price was 7 Pounds. At that time I wanted the LP so bad that I paid the higher price. Back in Hanover I put the record on - and was disappointed besides "German Girl". But the price was so high that I force myself in hearing the record a second, a third and a fourth time. And then it made click and I began to love all the songs. Who knows: If the LP would really be sold for 1 Pound I may never heard it again!
And here's the discography:
The First Picture Of You (Single, 1983)
You Don't Need Someone New (Single, 1983)
No Sense Of Sin (LP, 1984)
Set Me Apart (Single, 1984)
Out On Your Own (Single, 1984)
It Hurts (Single, 1985)
The First Picture Of You (Back to back with Wave Length: Hurry Home) (Single, 1989)
BBC - First Picture Of You (CD, 1998)
No Sense Of Sin ("Bridge"-CD, 1998)
Stay Free E.P. (CD-Single, 2001)
Silentspace (CD, 2001)
No Sense Of Sin ("Vinyl Japan"-CD, 2001)

You can see that The Lotus Eaters need 17 years (!) for releasing a real second longplayer (which other band can break this record?). For the fans from the very beginning a very, very long time but for me only 4 years.
Please refer for related artists here.


(3,63 MB)

Single "Voices"  (1987)
Split Mirrors 28.04.2003
A request of Cory. Please see more information here.

Under The White Bible Law (Long Vers.)

(4,04 MB)

LP "Under The White Bible Law"  (1989)
The Game 19.04.2003
The most requested band yet again; this time for Alex. Please see more information on The Game here.

Telephone Mama (Extd.)

(5,15 MB)

Maxi-Single "Telephone Mama"  (1984)
Gazebo 06.04.2003
This song's for music riddle winner Charly. Please see more information on Gazebo here.

The Only Answer

(3,31 MB)

CD "The Only Answer"  (1989)
The Innocent 30.03.2003
The Innocent were Dieter Siemens (lead vocals), Michael Buchholz (keyboards), Testa Maikowski (drums) & Biene Flender (bass). They recorded the CD in Bonn (Germany). Jim Rakete was the photographer (he also did a great job for Nena & Fury In The Slaughterhouse). You can distinguish his works for his permanent use of black and white (compare him with Anton Corbijn). But back to The Innocent: They released two singles: "The Only Answer" & "Don't Steal my Heart Away" & the album mentioned above (all from 1989).

Les Yeux De Laura

(3,32 MB)

Video "Les Yeux De Laura"  (1986)
Gouts De Luxe 24.03.2003
The duo from France with their first single. Gladly I can say that I'm now owner of a third single "Dans Un Autre Pays" (1989). It took ages from France to Germany; the local post didn't work that well all the time.
Please refer to "Omaha Beach" for more information. 


(2,43 MB)

Single "Victoria 2000"  (1986)
Nacht Und Nebel 16.03.2003
For music riddle winner Dennis: The band from Belgium with another song called "Jenny" which was released both as a single b-side and on LP.
Here's a look at the discography (so far I know):
Zafari (12", 1983)
Etoile Du Nord (12", 198?)
Beats Of Love (Orig. Version) (12", 1984)
Beats Of Love (Remix) (12", 1984)
Ready To Dance (12", 1985)
Victoria 2000 (7" & 12", 1986)
Victoria 2000 (LP, 1986)

Please refer to "Victoria 2000" for more information. 

Sweet German Girl

(4,54 MB)

CD "Michel Van Dyke"  (1989)
Michel Van Dyke 09.03.2003
Michel Van Dyke is one of the finest songwriters here in Germany. Born In Noorwykerhout, Netherlands, he moved at the age of 12 1973 to Hamburg (Germany) and studied design and art. Until 1996 he only wrote lyrics English language based. Michel Van Dyke got in contact with Echt and wrote most of the tracks of their first two LPs. That's where he change the language to German. But I choose a track from his debut LP that sometimes reminds me of The Beatles. Who is the "Sweet German Girl"? Was the "German Girl" by The Lotus Eaters the same girl?  "Sweet German Girl" sounds a little bit like a blueprint for chart topper Daniel Bedingfield's "If You're Not The One" (but hear for yourself).
Physical Now (Single, 1986)
I Do (Single, 1987)
Michel Van Dyke (CD, 1989)
Baby Lay Your Hands On Me (Single, 1989)
Stuck On You (Single, 1989)
Tell Him (Single, 1991) (#64 in the German single charts)
One Life (CD, 1991)
Jealousy (Single, 1991)
Let Love Take My Place (Single, 1992)
She Comes At The End Of The Day (Single, 1994) (#52 in the German single charts)
Reincarnated (CD, 1994)
Maybe I Should Leave (Single, 1994)
Womanchild (Single, 1995)
Kozmetika (CD, 1995)
She Said (Single, 1996)
Die Große Illusion (CD, 2001)
Paradies (Promo-Single, 2001)
Von Vorn Anfangen (Promo-Single, 2001)

Kennen Sie Köln?

(2,75 MB)

CD "Perlen ... (Das War Die Neue Deutsche Welle Vol. 1"  (1988)
Der Plan 02.03.2003
This one's for music riddle winner Reinhard:
Der Plan (Kurt Dahlke, Frank Fenstermacher & Moritz Reichelt) founded the legendary Ata Tak lable (f.e. Andreas Dorau). Members of Der Plan were / are involved in Fehlfarben.
Here's a discography of Der Plan:
Das Fleisch (EP, 1979)
Geri Reig (LP, 1980)
Da Vorne Steht 'Ne Ampel (Single, 1980)
Normalette Surprise (LP, 1981)
Fix Planet! (Int. Comp.-LP & Der Plan-Single, 1982)
Die Letzte Rache (Soundtrack-LP, 1983)
Gummitwist (Single & 12", 1984)
Golden Cheapos (Double-7", 1985)
JaPlan (LP, 1985) (Japan only)
Fette Jahre (LP, 1985)
Es Ist Eine Fremde Und Seltsame Welt (LP, 1987)
Perlen ... (CD, 1988)

Stairway To Heaven

(3,11 MB)

Single "Stairway To Heaven"  (1985)
Shining 23.02.2003
I heard this single on the radio in November 1985 (I suppose it was NDR 1) and it went to #3 in my Single-Charts. It's not a cover version; this track was written by Möller, Waßkönig, Burmann & Rötgens and produced by Siggi Bemm & Shining. I think "Stairway To Heaven" was their only release. Does someone have any further informations?