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Titel / Title Quelle / Source Cover YouTube-Video
Interpret / Artist eingetragen / posted Zusätzliche Informationen / additional informations or so
My Inner Voices

(3,50 MB)

Single "My Inner Voices" (1988)
Two Of Us 05.10.2002

Two Of Us were James Herter and Thomas Dörr from Reutlingen. They met in the early 80ies while recording Hubert Kah tracks. They first formed the NDW (new German wave) band Kiz and have a #3 hit in early 1983 with "Die Sennerin Vom Königssee". From 1985 till 1988 they released songs - based on the English language - for the international market: "Blue Night Shadow" (06/1985, #6*), "Two Of Us" (11/1985, #15*), "Generation Swing" (02/1986, #18*), "Love Is So Sensible" (11/1986, #23*), "Break It Out", (06/1987, #17*), "My Inner Voices" (05/1988, #20*). "Blue Night Shadow" was also a top 10 hit in Germany.

* highest position in my Single-Charts

Love Remains A Rebel

(3,60 MB)

Maxi-Single "Love Remains A Rebel" (1987)
State Of The Art 28.09.2002

State Of The Art, mainly the brothers Stephan & Georg Koch, were from Germany. They released three brilliant singles: "Love Remains A Rebel" (05/1987; #10*), "Love Will Keep Us Together" (05/1988; #25*) and "Shout And Run" (01/1989; #20*). But no LP. What a shame! - Does someone have further facts?

* highest position in my Single-Charts

Latin Tears (Uncle Sam Is Coming)

(3,61 MB)

Single "Latin Tears (Uncle Sam Is Coming)" (1987)
Stepping Razor 21.09.2002
This one's a brilliant track from a UK band who only released one single (?). It was a huge airplay hit on "radio ffn" (I think it was #1 in their rotation); and #1 in my Single-Charts as well (entered my charts in 1989 again with a peak at #7). If you're lucky you can spot this track on the fantastic - but now deleted - compilation "radio ffn powerstation" (on LP/CD). On this album the following artists are also included: Tommy De Film, Bel Canto, Sally Timms & Marc Almond, Der Straza, Goodbye Mr. MacKenzie, Paul Roland, The Mekons etc. - But back to Stepping Razor: The song was about the Sandinist-movement in Nicaragua as a child saw it: "Please tell me Mama / Oh won't you let me know / When is Papa / When is Papa coming home // I remember when they came / And took him away / Oh tell me Mama, please tell me Mama / Will we see him again // Chorus: I hear the people talking in the town / They say Uncle Sam is coming / To shoot us down / I hear the people talking Mama, talking in the town / They say Uncle Sam is coming / To shoot us down // Please tell me Mama / When will the fighting cease / Please tell me Mama / When will we know their leaves // Guns and bullets come again / Are sent from the Promised Land / Oh and if that's freedom Mama / If that's freedom then I don't understand // Chorus (3x and fade)"
Life Of A Toy

(3,36 MB)

Single "Life Of A Toy" (1986)
My Favourite Toys 14.09.2002
My Favourite Toy's debut single "Just One Kiss" was a hit on SFB, a radio station for West-Berlin, Germany. For their second single "Life Of A Toy" Mirjam Leonard (vocals) & Martin Jerabek (music & songwriting) engaged Ronnie Schreinzer from The Twins to produce it. The result was a perfect synth pop tune.
The Man You Love To Hate

(3,03 MB)

Single "The Man You Love To Hate" (1988)
Pushtwangers 07.09.2002
The full title from this single is "The Man You Love To Hate (It's Teasing Time again, But DON'T BE AFRAID)" and comes from the Swedish rock band Pushtwangers. I have no clue if this name does have a deeper meaning. The song was played a lot on Radio ffn but only made it to #20 in my Single-Charts. - "The Man You Love To Hate / The Man You Hated To Love"
Crime Of Emotion

(3,92 MB)

Single "Crime Of Emotion" (1985)
Bo Bo Zero 31.08.2002
This band was from Germany. Bo Bo Zero had started as a trio (see cover scan of their debut single) but for the next two singles ("Fire And Ice" (1986) & "Stand Up" (1987)) only Hagü Schmitz (also wrote "Kleine Seen" for Purple Schulz) and Linus Büttgen remained. Ariola single facts stated that a debut album "One By One" was recorded - but I've never seen that one. The single was #5 in my Single-Charts.

Additional information 20.08.2013: The band later called themself 2nd Secret Affair and re-recorded this song as an album track.

Beaux Papillons

(3,56 MB)

Single "Beaux Papillons" (1989)
Garcons 24.08.2002
Garcons - a French band - were Francois Serre (guitars & backing vocals), Gérard Serre (bass, lead & backing vocals), Bruno Margreth (saxophones, flute & backing vocals) and Franck Valois (drums, percussion & backing vocals). They released fine pop songs in the late 80's. I'm still looking for "Besoin De Toi". Does anyone out there have this song?
Total Eclipse

(4,79 MB)

LP "The Expression" (1984)
The Expression 17.08.2002
This band were from Australia and they released a single "With Closed Eyes" (see cover scan, LP looks similar) nearly at the same time as Real Life with "Send Me An Angel". Both tracks have a common sound (female shouting = angel's voice). But the chosen track was an "Australian Melodrama" (I've got this phrase from The Triffids' "Best Of"-album). My promo LP comes with a "CBS Plattenpass (Record Card / Carte D'Disque)" but with no real further information: The Expression were compared to Men At Work, Wendy & The Rocketts and Split Enz
My Girl And Me

(3,41 MB)

CD "radio ffn - Nightline 2" (1993)
Gangway 10.08.2002
This one's for Volker. Gangway's one of my most admired bands. This is there most known song which entered the German airplay charts for just one week and reached #43. In my Single-Charts the single did a little bit better (#9, why not #1?). You can see the cover scan of the single on my homepage and an exclusive LP picture and song at the bottom of this site. By the way, Gangway were produced by David Motion (Strawberry Switchblade, Sal Solo).
Passion Play (Extd.)

(4,57 MB)

Maxi-Single "Passion Play" (1984)
D.I.A. 03.08.2002
This one's for Calimero alias Martin. I didn't know anything from this quartet - whether they're from England or Germany. Have someone infos out there? - Added information on 10.08.2002: D.I.A. was U.C. Schlitz (vocals), W.F. Schlitz (synths & songwriting), Michael Adams (synths, sounds & effects) & Thomas Haugh (drums & perc.). U.C. Schlitz also composed soundtracks and did some acting. Thanks to Max from Denmark for this details. 
Am I Right

(3,65 MB)

Single "Am I Right" (1987)
Some Song 27.07.2002
Well, it's not - what you might think - Thomas Anders from Modern Talking on this cover but Hubertus von Hohenlohe, a Swiss man. The photo was shot by the famous Anton Corbijn (photos & videos for Depeche Mode, U 2, etc. as well). The single was produced by Luis Jardim (excellent percussionist on a lot of tracks, f.e. ABC) and executive producer was Dieter Meier (one half of the Yello-masterminds). "Am I Right" climbed only to #18 in my Single-Charts.
Could It Be

(4,22 MB)

Maxi-Single "Could It Be" (1986)
Étranger 20.07.2002
Maybe this was Étranger's only release. The band were from Germany with Michael Brycz (keyboards), Andy Falke (keyboards), Martin Bartnik (vocals), Tayfun (guitar, bass) & Erich Ulmer (percussion). The brilliant sax solo was played by Christian Felke. The single reached just #17 in my Single-Charts. What a shame!

(5,40 MB)

Maxi-Single "Brick" (1985)
Fake 13.07.2002
Fake were from Sweden but influenced by mid '80's Italo Disco sound. They had a lot of brilliant singles ("Donna Rouge" (1983), "Frogs In Spain" (1984), "Right" (1984), "Arabian Toys" (1985)) with this as their last (?) and a fine album as well ("New Art" (1984)). In 1985 only Blanche (vocals), Rica Örn (vocals) and Jeremy Schireau (keyboards) represented the band. "Brick" contains some German lyrics "Kannst Du's Dir Vorstellen" which means "Can You Imagine" and is also featured in the song.
Still After You

(3,39 MB)

Maxi-Single "Still After You" (1985)
Club E. 06.07.2002
Club E. were Sadru & Bijan from West-Berlin (Germany). They had two minor radio hits: "Still After You" in 1985 (#6 in my Single-Charts) and "Magic Places" in 1987 (only #21 in my Single-Charts). "Magic Places" was once performed live on the radio station NDR 1 for their audience charts. The single "Still After You" was co-produced by Hans Behrendt (Ex-Ideal, 1. Futurologischer Congress, Panama Cut und Bamboo Industry).
Movin' On (Singles Version)

(Withdrawn for legal reasons)

Single "Movin' On" (1984)
Novecento 28.06.2002
From Italy came this fantastic band: Novecento. Their debut single "Movin' On" reached the #1 spot in Italy in 1984. The single was released mid '84 in Germany but failed the charts completely (as in other countrys and follow up records, too). In Italy they had some other hit material on single - "The Only One" #20 (1984), "Why Me" #20 (1985), "Excessive Love" #25 (1986), "Dreamland Paradise" #41 (1986), "Broadway" #39 (1988), "Falling" #14 (1991) - and on album - "The Best" #36 (1990), "Necessary" #43 (1992).
Under The Sun

(4,11 MB)

Maxi-Single "Under The Sun" (1984)
Roketz / The Rockets 28.06.2002
The Roketz were an Italian band, very popular in France, engaged Sal Solo from Poland for some vocals, who was successful in the UK as a solo artist ("San Damiano (Heart & Soul)") and with his original band Classix Nouveaux ("Guilty", "Is It A Dream?"). Everything clear? To turn you completely upside down I took another Roketz single's cover ("Don't Give Up" from 1986). Honestly I don't want to confuse you but the original cover of the 12" is boring and so I took "Don't Give Up" with Sal Solo on the left and another JCP-logo. You can see another picture of Sal Solo on my main site.

(3,57 MB)

LP "I'd Rather Die Young (Than Grow Old Without You)" (1986)  
Trashmuseum 24.06.2002
Trashmuseum were the German musicians Kurt Dahlke (key, rhythm), Thomas Schwebel (Ex-Fehlfarben) (gtr, harp, rhythm) and Stoya (vox, rhythm). To my knowledge, they released only this LP. I bought it a long time ago and  have seen it just twice in my life so far - in a little record shop in Oxford(!). The song I chose was a cover version of a classic Human League track, which had been only two years old when this record came out. All other tracks on this LP were cover versions, too: f.e. "Phases And Stages" & "She's Still Gone" by Willie Nelson or "Tapetenwechsel" by German diva Hildegard Knef.
Magnificent Obsession

(4,36 MB)

LP "Glut Und Asche" (1983)  
Fehlfarben 15.06.2002
Fehlfarben were a German New Wave-group with lead singer Thomas Schwebel. Their song "Ein Jahr (Es Geht Voran)" was a hymn in the squatter scene and finally went to #22 in the German single charts in mid '82. "Magnificent Obsession" was from their second LP and was bound to be released in the UK. Unfortunately their lable EMI withdrew this single - who knows what a hit it could have been?