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Interpret / Artist eingetragen / posted Zusätzliche Informationen / additional informations or so
True Confession Of Love

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Single "True Confession Of Love" (1987)  
Watermelon Men 08.06.2002
The Swedish quintett Erik Illes (vocals & organ), Imre Von Polgar (guitar), Erik Westin (drums), Hans Sacklen (bass) and Johan Lundberg (guitar & harmonica) always had a special liking for the 60's (a fresh mixture of British beat and American folk music). They had many Airplay hits here in Germany: "Hungarian Heart", "New Hope For The Lonely" (#6 in my Single-Charts), "Empty Smile" (#12) and of course "True Confession Of Love" (again #12 in my Single-Charts).  
I Lie And I Cheat

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Single "I Lie And I Cheat" (1987)
Won Ton Ton 01.06.2002
The core of Won Ton Ton, female singer Bea Van Der Maat and other musicians, started in 1985 under the name Chow-Chow and released a 12" and a Mini-LP. The publicity was so high in their native country Belgium that Bea got a TV-show named "Bingo". But then they changed their name into Won Ton Ton and released this single. It was a big hit in Belgium and the Netherlands. - But now, just listen to Bea's strong voice and the nice contrast between acoustic guitar and big orchester sound. 
Victims Are Heroes

(3,66 MB)

Single "Victims Are Heroes" (1985)
Feltman Trommelt 25.05.2002
This band was from Germany. They released at least one other single "Healing" with Gail Berry on lead vocals and an album "Symbols & Facts" which includes both singles. In my opinion "Victims Are Heroes" is their only stunning track. It was an Orlando production and yet another JCP-single (the fourth). The singer sounds a little bit like Geoff Barradale (frontman of Vitamin Z).

(4,08 MB)

LP "Lovers And Other Strangers" (1988)  
Kamerata 18.05.2002
Kamerata were Holger Wobker & Ralf Martens from West-Berlin, Germany. The album was recorded in London and produced by the famous Zeus B. Held; it went to #9 in my LP-Charts in 1998. The song is a fine mixture between synth-pop and country. Holger Wobker was better known under his assumed name Brylllant Berger; lead vocalist of Boytronic. This band had a big hit (#10) in Germany with "You" in Autumn 1983.
Victoria 2000

(3,28 MB)

Single "Victoria 2000" (1986)
Nacht Und Nebel 11.05.2002
If you hear "Nacht Und Nebel" you probably think of a German band, but in fact the band was from Belgium the Netherlands *. They release a lot of singles and at least one LP which includes this track in a different version. The single was the third JCP-single in this section; it only peaked at #15 in my Single-Charts. Please don't overrate the singer's poor English - just listen to the guitar riff and compare it to Shakespear's Sister's "Your History".
* corrected 08.11.2002. Thanks to the support of Patricia.
Misty Windows

(4,12 MB)

Single "Misty Windows" (1986)  
TV 2 03.05.2002
This brilliant single came from a Danish rock quartet; produced by Greg Walsh. It's the second JCP-single (see cover scan) and he aired it on NDR 1 "Popfit" in July / August of 1986. Went to #2 in my Single-Charts. I think it sounds a little bit like The Sound (Adrian Borland R.I.P.), isn't it.
The Tally-Ho! Theme / Hand = Take

(4,85 MB)

LP "Tally-Ho!" (1985)
Les Immer Essen 27.04.2002
The first double feature. A brilliant combination of a fine piano instrumental and the LP-Version of Les Immer Essen's only hit (peaking at #40 in the German Single-Charts and only #14 in my Single-Charts). You can find the single version of "Hand = Take" still on some CD-compilations. Les Immer Essen were one of the most underrated German bands - compare it with the Pale Fountains and it will pass the test. L.I.E. released two more singles "It's Up To You" and "Infinity Horn" before they split. Some of the members later founded The King Candy but lost their spirit - at least in my opinion. The picture shows the group in 1985; it was published as part of the LP-promotion.
Walk Away

(3,90 MB)

Single "Walk Away" (1989)
The Game 20.04.2002
A French band I didn't know much about. If you see the cover you might think of Brother Beyond stuff but the sound - somewhere between BFG and The Sisters Of Mercy - prove you wrong. The Game released an album "Under The White Bible Law" in that year, too. Here are some lyrics: "So now, you've got to hide for your life / And now, you've got the border to cross / Tonight / Walk Away ..."
Additional information from 14.11.2002 (the full lyrics for Javier):
You believe in something right
But you'll do something wrong
The loaded question will break your bones
Will put you on your knees
You paint the walls in red
The colour of your heart
But the men in grey will get you now You believe in something right
But you'll do something wrong
The loaded question will break your bones
Will put you on your knees
You paint the walls in red
The colour of your heart
But the men in grey will get you now (OIS stated "know", but this can't be right)
You've got to hide or take the blame
Walk away /
You want to reach your friends
But they break the ties you had
You know the ones you've got to buy
So swallow your pride and pain
The rumours have been spread
You've got to leave this town
An accusing finger points at you
You start to walk, walk away /
So now, you've got to hide for your life
And now, you've got the border to cross
Walk away /
You believe in something right
But you'll do something wrong
The loaded question will break your bones
Will put you on your knees
The jailor rules your pain
You've got to give a name
You always pay to break the chains
And leave this world, change your name /
So now, you've got to hide for your life
And now, you've got the border to cross
Walk away /

(3,29 MB)

Single "Heaven" (1985)
La Danza Moderna 13.04.2002
La Danza Moderna were from the Netherlands. This is it's only track played on the radio; it reached #2 in my Single-Charts. Some promo infos: The band's art is POP of a No-Future-Generation with longings?! And some lyrics: "Let me go / I want to be in heaven ... The thick air that fills my surroundings / the phosphorescent stars in my eyes / Strange noises moving shades / and all the tears that I cried ...".
Shoeshine Boy

(3,22 MB)

Single "Shoeshine Boy" (1987)
Commando M. Pigg 06.04.2002
Commando M. Pigg founded 1981 in Stockholm/Sweden. The rock band released five records in its native language before recording its first English production. This single is from Commando's first steps with a foreign language ... and it's brilliant. Have a little bit in common with Transvision Vamp. In 1987 the group also shortened their name into "Commando" only.
Staubige Worte

(2,74 MB)

"Eine Kleine Sehnsucht - Chansons der 20er, 30er und 40er Jahre" (TV-Special)
Inga Humpe & Thomas Fehlmann 29.03.2002
This is a very rare track from one half of the Humpe sisters; here working with Thomas Fehlmann (Ex-Palais Schaumburg). Inga and Anete Humpe had some hits here in Germany with their numerous bands (Ideal, Neon Babies, D.Ö.F., Bamby, 2Raumwohnung), as a duo and on their own. Outside of Germany they are known as Swimming With Sharks (with "Careless Love" they had a minor hit in UK in May 1988 - peaking at No. 63 for three weeks). In the beginning of the track you can here no other than the famous German film star Heinz Rühmann.
Omaha Beach

(4,10 MB)

Single "Omaha Beach" (1987)

Gouts De Luxe 23.03.2002

Don't know much about this French duo (Jacques Le Honsec & Marie-Anna Kliska). They released at least one other Single: "Les Yeux De Laura" (1986). It sound a little bit like a French hommage to Visage ("Fade To Grey"). The back side of the single contains the lyrics. So here's the refrain:

"Omaha Beach Un Soir D'Été

Omaha Beach Ils Sont Arrivés

Omaha Beach Au Jour Dit Day"

Finally this single went to #3 in my Single-Charts.

Hold Me

(3,65 MB)

Single "Hold Me" (1986)
The Lonely Boys 16.03.2002
It's not the Roxette-spin-off of Per Gessle - After Frank Mertens left Alphaville ("Big In Japan", "Forever Young" and a bunch of other hits) he made this single with a female singer. If you look at the right top side of the front cover you can see the initials JCP. It's Jörg Christian Petershofen, in the mid-80's radio DJ of "NDR 1" (now on "Radio ffn"). Unfortunately I didn't hear this song on the radio.

(4,03 MB)

Single "Jodie" (1987)

Les Innocents 10.03.2002
This was their only track got regular airplay on our local radio station "Radio ffn". I thought the song was about Jodie Foster at that time but a schoolmate who had french as main course and translated the song in German language proved me wrong. What else can I say? Les Innocents were on Virgin France like Etienne Daho.
All Your Words

(3,34 MB)

Single "All Your Words" (1987)
Amri 05.03.2002
This was after "Return To The Gold" the second single of Amri, who was of Egyptian origin. It was produced by Reinhard Besser (CRAAFT-guitarist). The song got a little airplay here in Germany. It was only #8 in my Single-Charts (didn't know at that time how good it was).
Yesterday, When I Was Drunk

(4,51 MB)

CD "Sitting In The Park" (1988)
Gangway 27.02.2002
Gangway are from Denmark.  They  released in 1986 the original "Sitting In The Park" for their country only. For the European market follows this 1988 LP of the same title (but with remixes) which includes their minor hit (at least on the radio) "My Girl And Me". A brilliant pop tune but "Yesterday ..." was even better. Both the LPs from 1986 and 1988 went in 1997 to #1 in my LP-Charts