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Let It All Out!

(3,25 MB)

Video "Let It All Out!"  (1988)
To Be (2 B) 16.02.2003
This track's taken from a nice promo video collection. I don't know anything about this band. This single and album was already sold out at Gemm (the seller showed unbelievable prices of 50 dollars minimum). Has someone more information about this band or track?


(3,34 MB)

Single "Spacer"  (1979)
Sheila & B. Devotion 09.02.2003
This single was written and produced by Bernard Edwards & Nile Rodgers (both members of Chic) in late 1979. It went to a huge hit in Germany (#9) and the UK (#13) and created some covers and samples in the last two years. Two of them are Alcazar's "Crying At The Discotheque" and Plaything's "Into Space". But now after all those covers ... here's the original!
Sheila & B. Devotion's additional hit singles you can find in the Video lists.

Boys And Girls

(3,67 MB)

Single "Boys And Girls"  (1987) via VHS-tape
Charlie Makes The Cook 02.02.2003
This one's from mix master Phil Harding (PWL), who collaborated with Stock Aitken Waterman (Kylie Minogue, Rick Astley, Jason Donovan, Hazell Dean, Sinitta, Princess, Dead Or Alive etc.) for years. Acording to the record sleeve the single was a top hit in France in 1987. Charlie Makes The Cook debuted here in Germany not before Summer '88. The video was shown in the legendary TV-series "Moskito". Finally two apologies: The picture quality (look above) isn't the best and a one or two seconds are missing at the end of the song (I recorded the track from a VHS-tape with various artists).

The Right Time

(3,04 MB)

Single "The Right Time"  (1987)
Split Mirrors 25.01.2003
Split Mirrors were probably Andy Cay, Achim Jaspert & Peter Delain from Germany (I can only assume this as the records leave nearly no traces. Does someone have more information?). They released at least three singles in 1987: "The Right Time", "The Right Time (New Version)" & "Voices". I heard that in 2000 "Voices" was released again. Is that true?

Flaming Sword

(3,23 MB)

Maxi-Single "Flaming Sword"  (1983)
Care 18.01.2003
Care were Ian Broudie (Ex-Original Mirrors, now The Lightning Seeds) and Paul Simpson (Ex-The Teardrop Explodes, The Wild Swans and now Skyray). This track is their second single and Nadine's request as winner of the December music-riddle. It's the only single of Care which entered the UK Charts on 12.11.1983 for four weeks and reached #48. They released two other singles: "My Boyish Days (Drink To Me)" (1983) & "Whatever Possessed You" (1984). Broudie and Simpson recorded a whole album but the tracks never saw the light of day until 1997: Camden / BMG released the CD "Diamonds & Emeralds". This longplayer contains different versions of Care's singles as well.

Time Is Mine

(3,69 MB)

LP "Under The White Bible Law "  (1989)

Weird self made video with Maruschka Detmers I suppose.

The Game 12.01.2003
The Game is the most requested band on my site by now. So I choose another great song from The Game's debut and final (?) LP. You can read more about them here.


(4,80 MB)

CD "Virtual World" (1990)
Bazooka Joe 28.12.2002

Close Cover

(2,94 MB)

CD "The Belly Of An Architect" (Soundtrack) (1986)
Wim Mertens 22.12.2002
The first instrumental in this section (I think it's a fine song for Christmas Time). "Close Cover" is -  besides Felt's "Ferdinand" and Nick Heyward's "Café Canada" - my most liked piano solo. The track was originally released for Peter Greenaway's movie "The Belly Of An Architect" starring Brian Dennehy. But people in Germany might also know this song from a TV-commercial: Yves Rocher used "Close Cover" for their campaign in the early 90's.

Additional information on 22.03.2013: The music project Minimalistix released a good trance version of this track and had a small hit in the UK at #12.

Talk To Me (I Can Hear You Now)

(3,68 MB)

Maxi-Single "Talk To Me (I Can Hear You Now)" (1984)
Iam Siam 14.12.2002
I can't write much about this act. The single was remixed by Chris Lord-Alge (also remixer of Roxette-stuff) and producer of Leyers, Michiels & Soulsister) and went to #3 in my Single-Charts in July 1985. I bought the single on a fair near my hometown Göttingen (a nice town 100 km south of Hanover). Coincidentally the seller was a school mate. Didn't knew that she has such a good taste. I once saw the album of Iam Siam, too, but after a brief listening I put it back. "Talk To Me" was the only good song on it. 

One Black Friday

(3,57 MB)

Single "One Black Friday" (1986)
Mockers 07.12.2002
Nice promo photo from 1987 Video not available in some countries.

Mockers were Andrew Fagan (vocals), Geoff Hayden (bass, vocals), Brett Adams (guitar, vocals) & Tim Wedde (keyboards).



Good Old Days / Murder In Manners St. (Single, Aug. 1980)

Trendy Lefties (EP, July 1981)

Woke Up Today (Single, June 1982)

Cleopatra / After The Rain (Single, July 1983)

Alvison Park (Single, Sept. 1983)

Swear It's True (Single, March 1984)

Swear It's True (LP, April 1984)

Caught In The Act (Live) (LP, June 1984)

Good Old Days (Single, July 1984)

Forever Tuesday Morning (Single, Nov. 1984)

One Black Friday (Single, July 1985)

Culprit And The King (LP, Sept. 1985)

Seven Years Not Wasted (Single, Sept. 1985)

Another Boring Day In The Amazon (Single, Dec. 1985)

A Winter's Tale (Single, May 1986)

The First Five Years (Compilation) (LP, Aug. 1986)

Far From The Madding Crowd (Single, Feb. 1987)

Emperor's New Clothes (LP, March 1987?)


"New Zealand's Mockers are masters of the craft of producing concise, distintive Antipodean pop music.
Since their inception as skinny-legged schoolboys some six years ago, Mockers had produced a collection of songs instantly recognizable by a melodic freshness and clarity of lyrical vision.
1981-1984 saw the band release a string of now collectors-item singles, and in May of 1984 their debut album "Swear It's True" entered the national charts at #10, peaked at#4 and went Gold in just 31 days. It has now achieved Platinum status.
This was followed by two television specials and a live album "Caught In The Act" which also went Gold, with the single "Forever Tuesday Morning" reaching #2 on the national charts.
In 1985 the Australian recorded album "Culprit And The King" was released in New Zealand. Once again the album went Gold, and the singles "One Black Friday", "Seven Years Not Wasted" and "Another Boring Day In The Amazon" all achieved chart success.
Also in 1985 the eccentric and decidedly flamboyant Fagan won the prestigious Top Male Vocalist Of The Year Award in the annual New Zealand Music Awards.
Behind the scences 1986 was an important year for the band both collectively and individually as they wrote and arranged numerous songs and explored other creative outlets.
Wedde and Adams were in demand for both studio and live work, while Fagan landed the cameo role of Samuel in the nationwide theatre production of Gilbert and Sullivan's "Pirates Of Penzance" working alongside such international talents as Hermans Hermit's Peter Noone.
The multi-talented Fagan also wrote a new collection of poetry titled "Salt Rhythms" and sailed his lime-green six metre yacht "Swirly World" across 1.400 miles of open ocean on a solo voyage.
In August 1986 the retrospective album "Mockers - The First Five Years" was released - a mixed collection of their most successful and most obscure songs.
September 1986 is to be recalled only in sadness by the tragic death of their long-standing drummer Steve Thorpe.
At the end of 1986 Mockers returned to the studio to record their third album at Auckland's Mandrill Studios with Producer Peter Dawkins (Dragon, Misex, Sharon O'Neill & Australian Crawl). The first single "Far From The Madding Crowd" is due for release in February 1987, with the album, titled "Emperor's New Clothes", due for release shortly afterwards.
Throughout the past six years Mockers have defined and set the standard for music that can best be described as intelligent, original pop music of the Pacific.
(RCA promo sheet from the beginning of 1987; no author was mentioned)


Last but not least the band changed its name to "After The Rain" (this additional information was provided by Paul - Ex-pat Kiwi living in Australia)

Ich Bin Verrückt Nach Dir

(3,16 MB)

Single "Ich Bin Verrückt Nach Dir" (1984)
Jawoll 01.12.2002

The band were Kornelia Scholz (vocals), Richard Herberger ( keyboards, vocals), Robert Foster (certainly not Forster of The Go-Betweens) (guitar), Jochen Bien (bass) and Matthias Kutschke (drums). Jawoll formed 1981 in Kassel and had some NDW (New German Wave) hits here in Germany: "Taxi" (#14, 1982), "Rendezvous" (#49, 1983) and the song I choose (#33 airplay charts, 1984 and #2 in "ZDF-Hitparade"). The single is yet another JCP-single (#7 in the "Song of the Week"-section). The band split in 1986, Robert Foster went to Canada and performed with Jann Arden and Kornelia Scholz died unfortunately in the late 80s.
You can find more information (but only in German language) on the NDW-site "Ich Will Spaß"

White Boy In Europe (LP-Vers.)

(4,20 MB)

LP "Days Of Europa" (1986)
Kelvyn Hallifax 23.11.2002

Kelvyn Hallifax was born on 22.06.1952 in Croydon, Surrey/England. His hobbies are fashion and art. He started his musical career with the groups "Window" (London) and "Electrafive" (New York). For his first solo album "Days Of Europa" he had written nearly all words and music by himself and played guitars and keyboards. On the drums you can hear Curt Cress (Alphaville, Al Corley, Richard Sanderson, Cosa Rosa & Daniel John Ohm). The pictures shows the promo video for "White Boy In Europe" (recorded for the TV-show "Musikladen Eurotops"). Two later members of The Jeremy Days joined the video shoot: Jörn-Christof Heilbut (left side) & Stefan Rager (right side).

Only A Boy In Love

(3,07 MB)

Single "Only A Boy In Love" (1984)
Panama Cut 16.11.2002

"Back to the acoustic adventure!" was the motto of Panama Cut. Band members were Connie Göckel (Ex-Prima Klima) and U.W.A. Heyder (Ex-1. Futorologischer Congress). This debut single was produced by Hans Behrendt (Ex-Ideal). They released at least one other single in 1985: "More, More, More". If you like Vitamin Z I'm sure you'll like these guys as well.

All I Wanted

(3,23 MB)

Maxi-Single "All I Wanted" (1988)
In Tua Nua 08.11.2002

In Tua Nua were a seven-piece Dublin based group, who used traditional instruments such as uilleann pipes and fiddle on their contemporary rock songs. "All I Wanted" was their only hit single (reached #69 in the UK-Charts). Other releases by In Tua Nua: "Seven Into The Sea" (1986), "Don't Fear Me Now (Kiss You Once More)" (1988), "Wheel Of Evil" (1988) (all singles) and "Vaudeville" (1987) & "The Long Acre" (1988) (both LPs).

This songs for the October-riddle-winner Dennis.

No Time To Waste

(3,71 MB)

Single "Passion Play" (1984)
D.I.A. 02.11.2002

Here's the b-side for Cory. The picture is taken from the legendary DEBÜT-series (DEBUT for the UK-market): DEBÜT #8. For any further informations see the a-side

Casablanca Airport

(3,34 MB)

Single "Casablanca Airport" (1984)
Daago 26.10.2002

After a long time, now the sixth JCP-Single: A homage to the brilliant movie "Casablanca" (starring Humphrey Bogart & Ingrid Bergman). You can hear the propellers roaring, play it again Sam: "As Time Goes By" and some parts of the German synchronisation of the movie. The band sounded a little bit like Cosa Rosa or Ulla Meinecke. Daago only (?) released yet another single in 1985: "Traumspiele".  

So Bizarre

(3,23 MB)

Single "So Bizarre" (1990)
Kreisler 18.10.2002

Markus Fräger, ex-leader of The Ace Cats, made in 1990 (okay, it's not a real 80ies song) his first and only solo longplayer: "Hooked On Love" (#4 in my LP-Charts). Singles from this LP were "So Bizarre" (1990; only #24 in my Single-Charts) "Hooked On Love" (1990) and "Dis-Connected" (1991). In 1992 a final single called "Sorrow's Just A State Of Mind" was released. 


(4,54 MB)

LP "Univision" (1986)
Gazebo 12.10.2002

Gazebo is Paul Mazzolini, a son of an Italian diplomat and an American female singer, who had three hits nearly all over Europe: "Masterpiece" (1982), "I Like Chopin" (1983) and "Lunatic" (1983); all from his self titled debut album. In the following years he couldn't succeed anymore. His albums, f.e. "Telephone Mama" (1984), "Univision" (1986) and "The Rainbow Tales" (1989), all failed. I chose one track of these albums which in fact are as good as his hits. "Pain" is also a must for all "Star Trek"-Fans of the first "Enterprise". Download the track and you will know what I mean.