Song of the Week
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Song of the Week - Archive
Song of the Week - Archive
Song of the Week - Archive
Song of the Week - Archive


Aufgrund der sich kurzfristig ändernden Gesetzeslage und Nichtabsehbarkeit der Folgen werde ich vorerst keine neuen Tracks veröffentlichen.

Due to a change of laws which will be valid soon and not knowing what it will bring I don't post new tracks any longer. I may do it in the future again.



Not posted anymore ...

One "I'll Wait" (Ex-B-Movie leader Steven Hovington founded this superb pop group) (UK-series #3)

Violent Blue "I Won't Give In (Losing You)" (UK-series #4)

Le One "Incommuniqué" (UK-series #5)

Cry No More "Oh Sharon!" (this single had got heavy airplay in Germany but failed to enter the single charts)

Mary Goes Round "Hot Shot In Space" (brilliant single from a French duo)

Gary Chandler "Dancing In Heaven" (German wave pop)

She Splinters Mortar "Poor Me Slave" (fantastic guitar pop from Germany)


... posted earlier (in alphabetical order)


Amri "All Your Words"

Bang Bang "This Is Love"

Bazooka Joe "Smallville"

The Bible "King Chicago"

Bo Bo Zero "Crime Of Emotion"

Boulevard "Rainy Day In London"

Care "Flaming Sword"

Celebrate The Nun "Will You Be There?"

Charlie Makes The Cook "Boys And Girls"

Club E. "Still After You"

Commando M. Pigg "Shoeshine Boy"

Daago "Casablanca Airport"

D.I.A. "No Time To Waste"

D.I.A. "Passion Play (Extd.)"

Eskimos & Egypt "Screams And Whispers"

Étranger "Could It Be"

The Expression "Total Eclipse"

Fake "Brick"

Fëhlfarben "Magnificent Obsession"

Feltman Trommelt "Victims Are Heroes"

The Game "Time Is Mine"

The Game "Under The White Bible Law (Long Version)"

The Game "Walk Away"

Gangway "My Girl And Me"

Gangway "Yesterday When I Was Drunk"

Garcons "Beaux Papillions"

Gazebo "Pain"

Gazebo "Telephone Mama"

Gouts De Luxe "Omaha Beach"

Gouts De Luxe "Les Yeux De Laura"

Kelvyn Hallifax "White Boy In Europe"

In Tua Nua "All I Wanted"

Inga Humpe & Thomas Fehlmann "Staubige Worte"

Init "Another Man"

The Innocent "The Only Answer"

Les Innocents "Jodie"

Jawoll "Ich Bin Verrückt Nach Dir"

Kamerata "Horseback"

Kreisler "So Bizarre"

La Danza Moderna "Heaven"

Les Immer Essen "The Tally-Ho! Theme / Hand = Take"

The Lonely Boys "Hold Me"

The Lonely Boys "Lonely Boy" 

The Lotus Eaters "Too Young"

Wim Mertens "Close Cover"

Mockers "One Black Friday"

My Favourite Toys "Life Of A Toy"

Nacht Und Nebel "Jenny"

Nacht Und Nebel "Victoria 2000"

Novecento "Movin' On"

Panama Cut "Only A Boy In Love"

Der Plan "Kennen Sie Köln?"

Pushtwangers "The Man You Love To Hate"

Rok-etz "Under The Sun"

Sheila B. Devotion "Spacer"

Shining "Stairway To Heaven"

Shrine Of 8 "Perfect Crime (We All Hurt Inside)"

Iam Siam "Talk To Me"

Some Song "Am I Right?"

Split Mirrors "The Right Time"

Split Mirrors "Voices"

State Of The Art "Love Remains A Rebel"

Stepping Razor "Latin Tears (Uncle Sam Is Coming)"

To Be (2 B) "Let It All Out!"

Trashmuseum "Louise"

TV 2 "Misty Windows"

Two Of Us "My Inner Voices"

Michel Van Dyke "Sweet German Girl"

Watermelon Men "True Confession Of Love"

Won Ton Ton "I Lie And I Cheat"