Die nachfolgenden Songs werden von mir oder Anderen seit Jahren gesucht. Wer kann beim Suchen helfen? --- Vielen Dank.

Me or other persons were seeking for the following songs for years. Who can helps to find these? --- Many thanks.

Meldet Euch bei mir / Please inform me: webmaster@dedinidevil.de

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Titel/ Title Interpret/ Artist Genre Quelle/ Source Datum/ Date Zusätzliche Informationen/ Additional Information

? Stay

(262 KB)


? Stay (Longer)

(1,32 MB)

? Stean Lemroy - NOT Cham CM! Pop / Rock Radio ? 1984 ? 1986 not solved!!! ... "Stay ... The Second Time Around"

Due to public demand a longer and better version of this track. Please note: it's not the full track, just the sound bit I have. Added 27.06.2004

Eastern Wind

(489 KB)

??? Melodic Rock Radio 1986 written by Chris de Burgh; sounds a little bit like "Scorpions"; "... running away with my love ... Eastern wind ..."

? Say

(368 KB)

? Steven's Café Rock Radio HR 3 04/1986 "... say it's not true ..."

Come Over Tonight

(320 KB)

Panther Rex Pop / Rock Radio HR 3 09/1986 SOLVED by Mr. Italo (Marek) on 17.04.2003. And thanks to Andreas who reminded of an Ebay-auction of the full length LP of Panther Rex.

? Poor Christmas

(574 KB)

? The Face Pop / Rock Radio 10/1987 "... c'mon, c'mon, I need your rights of love ..."

Trip To Rio

(393 KB)

? Base Bazar Pop Radio 10/1987 artist without a contract?; "... what I'm missing is YOU ... ohoho Rio ... into the sunshine ..."

? Kiss Me

(374 KB)

? Stac's Pop / Jazz Radio ffn 05/1988 "... you're beautiful, let your body feel my passion ... kiss me, kiss me out ..."

? Indian Summer

(494 KB)

??? Instr. Radio 09/1988 Soundtrack?

Screams And Whispers

(264 KB)

Eskimos & Egypt Rock / Pop Radio ffn 10/1988 solved on 26.02.2003 by Paul and the legendary Ecki Stieg. But where can I get the record?

? Dreamtime Lover

(336 KB)

? Q. Tango Mouse Indie / Pop Radio ffn 01/1989 "... she is my dreamtime lover, she thrills me like no other ..."

Once Upon A Time Out

(277 KB)

Lizzy Mercier Descloux Rock / Pop Radio 01/1989 solved on 28.02.2003 by Michael. But where can I get the record, again?

? Different

(351 KB)

? The Dead Adare Indie / Rock Radio HR 3 04/1990 I think they are from Germany (Hessen) but sound a little like a Sarah-band.

This Is Her Life

(461 KB)

Dominique Rock / Pop Radio 04/1990 sounds a little bit like "River City People" or "In Tua Nua"; "... this is her life, she go where she wants to go, this is her time, so don't waste it ..."

Solved on 14.06.2005 by a guy who didn't want to be mentioned: This song is "This Is Her Life" by Dominique. Dominique is Dominique Davalos, a
one-time actress ("Howard the Duck") who currently fronts a Los Angeles band
called Drag. She's also a veteran of The Delphines, an all-female group that
included The Go-Go's Kathy Valentine.

Iron Curtain

(361 KB)

V. Spy V. Spy Rock / Ska Radio 1987 definetly solved by Carlos Alberto who send me the LP "Harry's Reasons?" (information added on 21.01.2003)


(276 KB)

? Hans Zimmer Instr. Satellite  12/1992 Soundtrack?; was used for test screening of the Spanish TV-channel "Documenia"

? She's Leaving

(444 KB)

??? Pop / Jazz Radio 06/1993 "... who will rise ... who will be the one who stops ..."

On The Mountain

(177 KB)

John David Pop Radio? ca. 1983 solved on 28.02.2003 by Paul. And for the third time the question: Where can I get the record?
"So High" - Most wanted by Martin alias Calimero from 30.04.2002.

Easy Prey (Cloth Capital Mix)

(285 KB)

The Ward Brothers *** Pop / Rock Radio? Mid 80's Most wanted tracks from Ximo from Spain. Added on this site: 27.06.2002

* information provided by Jonas on 22.08.2002.

** information provided by Ivan on 10.09.2002.

*** information provided by Paul on 09.11.2003.

Johnny Johnny

(223 KB)

Volcanoes *** Dark Wave Into The Psyche (EP) End 70's / Early 80's

Happy Now

(240 KB)

Stiff Kittens ** (voice like Midnight Oil-singer) Dark Wave Radio? 1986 on Prism Records

Watching The Pharaons

(206 KB)

The Flowerpot Men *** Wave Radio? Early 80's

Nothing Stranger Than Today

(270 KB)

The Stage * Wave / Pop Radio? Mid 80's

Witchcraft (= Dressed In Black
(233 KB)

Book Of Love *** Weird Wave Radio? Mid 80's More most wanted tracks from Ximo from Spain. Added on this site: 28.09.2002

*** SOLVED by Rusty on 29.11.2002
**** SOLVED by Ximo himself on 26.06.2003

The Birth (340 KB)

Twice Of Love **** EBM Radio? End 80's
I Told You
(630 KB)
Story Structure Synth Pop Radio? May 1988 Most wanted track from Gazebo alias Paul. - SOLVED by Cory and Waldi on 29.05.2003
Some additional information by David (added on 30.07.2003):
The group was Canadian, and the song was recorded in May 1988. It was their only release and in total there were only about 200 copies ever pressed. These were given to local DJs, so a copy of the record is going to be impossible to find. In fact, Michael Ella, who was in the group owns only one copy of the record himself. The reason the
group recorded only this song was that they had a disagreement with their producer and quit the business for a while due to a lack of money. Michael has sent me some unreleased work and all of the recordings are excellent. It's a shame they weren't able to release more material or an lp.
Come To Near Swimmingpool
(247 KB)
??? Pop Radio? 1987/88? Most wanted track from Marek & Paul (added on this site 30.07.2003)


Und hier nun eine Auswahl von bereits identifizierten Songs (in alphabetischer Reihenfolge) - And now here's a selection of previously identified songs (in alphabetical order):


Absolute - TV-Glare (Produced by Vince Clarke)

Always - Amateur Detection

The Apartments - All You Wanted

Bang Bang - This Is Love

Blue Vision - Visions (= Tell Her I Love Her) (solved by Paul (alias Gazebo) on 29.11.2002)

Anthony Clark - Am I Really In Love

De/Vision - Your Hands On My Skin

Howard Devoto - Rainy Season

Die Vision - Fascination

Eggstone - My Trumpet

Étranger - Could It Be

Fake - Another Brick

Force - New Frontiers

Fuel - Sacred Blue

The Game - Walk Away

Gene Loves Jezebel - Gorgeous

Gol Gappas - St. Lucy

Juliana Hatfield - The Lights

Head - Shady Vendetta

Headless Chickens - Expecting To Fly

Marden Hill - Constance

Impulse - The Prize

Last Party - Damp

Le One - Incommuniqué

Les Innocents - Jodie

Wendy Maharry - California

The Members - Romance

Mockers - One Black Friday

New Enemies - Sweetheart

Percewood - Dancing On The Edge Of Life

Dave Phillips & The Hot Rod Gang - Tainted Love

Prussia - Dying Mother Of 16 Sickly Kids

Short Romans - She Will Never Come Again

Teepee - Tribes Are Meeting

Thompson Twins - If You Were Here ("16 Candles"-Soundtrack - Molly Ringwald & Andrew McCarthy - sounds more like "The Dream Academy" than "Thompson Twins")

TV 2 - Misty Window

V. Spy V. Spy - Iron Curtain

Violent Blue - I Won't Give In (Losing You)

The Watercolors - Silent Running

The Wild Swans - Bible Dreams

Woodcocks - Wagoneer

X-Agenten - Gesicht