My website had a largely different structure until 2020. I have included the not adopted / revised pages in this archive. Please note that many external links no longer work.



Original homepage.



The bests charts in the world wide web (f.e. Germany, UK, USA) or background infos for the british charts. Further on my latest and "historicalSingle- and Longplayer

-Charts (Will be actualised Monday or Tuesday evening - CET).


Song of the Week

Information to some of my "all-time" favorites.



Some useful links to MP3s & moreauctionscatalogsartists and my favorites.



A summary of the most important music stations (German language only).



My news from 25.01.2002 until 28.02.2007 incl. the newsletter 1 und 2.


From October 2002 until April 2003 I have published some riddles and their solutions.